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Magic. The essence of what transforms the ordinary, into the extraordinary. The moments that catch us off guard and steal our breath away. It is this elusive, yet all-encompassing magic, that we endevour to capture and allow to tell your story.

Goya is an Urdu word that describes the suspension of disbelief that occurs during great story telling. There are no small stories, we believe it all comes down to the telling. At SBG we believe that every story needs to be told. To be remembered and stored away to be retold, as a part of our history.


Fleeting moments, captured for eternity.

When storytelling and the art of film and photography intersect, something truly magical happens. It's this magic that we live for.

A husband and wife team, living and raising our three year old human and 2 fur-babies from our base in Ballito, while we navigate this crazy beautiful adventure called life. | 071 382 4006 | Ballito, South Africa - Love to Travel

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